A few functions

We simply want to make sure you can service your clients fast and easy.

Style your site

Easily create the registration form for your event. You can give it a certain style, matching your event. But there is more. You can ask your attendees questions, drag and drop fields, add additional information, set a visibility date and make all kind of fields and labels. After setting up your event, you’ve created the basis.

Upload and invite

Invite certain people if you have your invitee data in an excel file. Edison helps you out. Upload your excel file with a push of a button. First personalize the invitation and define the lay-out. Your invitees will receive a mail with a unique PIN code. Either they decline the invitation or they use their code and their data is pre filled.

Voucher codes

You can send attendees a so-called voucher code. This means you can generate various codes, for instance codes that will give attendees a discount for a particular event. You can decide who gets a discount code and you can give the specific code (group) a name, for instance ‘early bird discount’ or ‘v.i.p. code’, etc.


Participants can receive, attached to the automatic confirmation after registration, an E-ticket as a PDF attachment. On location the badges can be scanned. During the event or afterwards Edison provides a clear report of all attendees present.

Easy integration

See what effect your input has on the registration site. Previewing is possible at all times. Once everything is done Edison gives you the public URL. Place it on your website or send it in an e-mail. Off you go!

Handle payments

Send invoices and keep control. Send reminders, and add payments manually. Personalize invoices and reminders and define the lay out. You receive the bank payments on your own account. Online payment by credit card? No problem. See pricing for more information.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Jaap Bakker

    Managing Director

    About Jaap Bakker

    “We develop Edison to help you with the registration process of participants for your event, so you will be able to exceed in organizing that particular event. At the same time, you can help us by giving us your input and feedback. This in order to make Edison an even better tool. A win-win situation, because when Edison improves, you will be able to organize your event(s) better!”

  • Testimonial

    Roel Frissen

    Managing Director

    About Roel Frissen

    “How can we make Edison different than others? What is it that makes us different from others? Usability, features and design are extremely important. It has to be absolutely spot on. In the development of Edison I focus on strategy, cooperation and new business models for Edison and affiliate products and services.”

  • Testimonial

    Frank Pikavet


    About Frank Pikavet

    “I build the application based on requests from the Edison team and, of course, our users. We determine what has to be done. For instance, things that need to be added or modified in the application or building new features.”

  • Testimonial

    Eva Hess


    About Eva Hess

    “It’s my job to answer all of your support questions and to help you when you need it the most. I can even help you set up your first event, or at least I can help you get started.”

The most innovative
event registration

Pricing plans

We believe in easiness. First 50 registrations free then pay 1 or 2 credits ...


0per registration

  • 50 registrations per event
  • all functions
  • Customizable registration form

Most Popular


1per registration above 50

  • 50 registrations per event
  • all functions
  • Customizable registration form
  • Online payments (TRansaction) COSTS


2per registration above 50

  • 50 registrations per event
  • all functions
  • Customizable registration form
  • TRANSACTION COSTS Online payments

Pricing FAQ

How do I pay for my registrations?

Edison works with credits. After creating an account you can buy credits in the Ed-store. A credit represents one euro.

What happends when my account is out of credits?

In case your credit supply runs out, you don’t have to panic. Your attendees can keep on registering. Just go to the Ed-store and restock.

What if I bought to many credits?

Credits are non-refundable, but will stay valid. You can use your credits for different events, provided that you set up those events within the same account.

How to buy credits?

Credits can be purchased 24/7. The number of credits you buy can vary from 50, 100, 250, 500 to a 1000. Credits are non-refundable, but will stay valid. After payment you will receive an invoice. Additionally, Edison saves your past transactions which results in a clear overview of your credit transaction history.

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Independent planners

Management assistants

Small associations

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We have years of experience providing software solutions for congresses and events.


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Feel free to give us a call, we are happy to talk you through Edison or run live demos for those wishing to see what it is capable off.

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