Exports & Onsite

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As long as there is an internet connection, Edison works splendidly during an event. Processing onsite changes and new registrations smoothly and quick. Edison exports all registered data and more to several excel reports which users can use for their own purpose.

Printing badges

With the butterfly badge as a default, users can create their own badges. Exporting almost everything, users are free to style the badge in the best possible way. Inserting logo’s, text, font-types and colors. Completely editable.

The butterfly badges can be pre-printed and distributed behind a registration desk during the event.

Butterfly badges can be purchased on shop.parthen.nl/en/congress-badges/butterfly-badges/

E-ticket scanning

If the e-ticket functionality is activated attendees receive an e-ticket as a PDF attachment after finishing their registration. If the e-ticket is printed and brought to the event, the barcodes can be scanned onsite. Barcodes scanners not to be connected to a computer with Edison running. This way you know who is present and who is not.

Exporting reports

All registered data can be exported to different excel files. These exports provide great overviews of attendees, chosen items per attendee, scanned e-tickets, financial overviews and more.