In control features

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As an organizer you want to be in control. A participant registers online but after that there is still a lot to do. Participants send questions about item changes, cancellations and name changes. Edison gives the organizer the ability to be in control and stay in control.

Edit the registered data

After someone has registered the organizer can add or adjust all registered data on an individual level. The same thing with chosen items for sessions or social program events. It is also possible to add data which is not visible for the participant. For your own records.
Another way for dealing with changes is allowing attendees to modify their own registration. Users can choose to send a unique pincode to every attendee after registration. By using this pincode the attendee can change the completed registration. This option can be switched off at all times.

Add people manually

Besides online registrations made by the attendees themselves, users are able to register their contacts manually. Very useful for registration of invited speakers and staff etc. No need to bother these people to register online and still all registration data is in one place.

Delete people manually

If an attendee decides not to participate the user can delete attendees in a second. After receiving an email or phone call users can switch to the attendee an easily cancel its registration. After cancellation the status of the registration is changed to “cancelled”. If, for any reason the data needs be restored it can be done in seconds as well.

Send invoice & reminders

If payments are applicable, Edison sends invoices automatically to every attendee after registration. Attendees receive a PDF invoice attached to the confirmation. The lay-out of the invoice can be set up by the user. Text, font types, colors, logo’s and bank account-details can be defined per project. Received payments can be processed manually per attendee. In case invoices remain unpaid the user can send out payment reminders.
If the user decides to accept online payments the attendee can pay online after registration is completed.

Send all sorts of messages

Next to invitations, confirmations, invoices, reminders and a lot of other messages which are available in Edison’s default, users are able define their own messages. For example, an email that should be send to all attendees informing about program changes. Or a message to a single attendee requesting more information about a certain matter.
There is no limit to the number of messages created.