Invite features

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Make sure people know about your event. Invite participants of previous events and or make an excel export of a database with members and send them an invitation. Use as much data as you can and make sure you get your message out there. Imported data is pre filled which makes the registration for your invitee easy and fast.

Upload an excel file

Send one invitation or send multiple ones. Edison allows users to fill an excel template with contact data. Edison looks at your registration form and asks only to fill the template with data that you have available. The invitation itself and how it looks can be modified by defining the text and logo’s. Imported data is merged into the invitation, resulting in personal invitations for everyone. There is no limitation to the number of invitations that you send and it is free of charge.

Preview and send invitation(s)

Before sending invitations the user is able to style the invitation first. Write the invitation text and add logo’s. Make it a good-looking HTML mail. After you uploaded your excel file with contact data, preview the invitation to make sure everything is mentioned exactly how you want it. Then when everything is correct, press ‘send’. All your invitees receive their personalized invitation in their mailbox.

Accept invitation

The invitation contains a personal pin code and a URL to the registration page. Once an invitee clicks on the link, the information page of the event opens up. If the invitee decides to attend the event the pin code should be used to login. By using this pin-code their contact data is pre-filled on the registration form. After registration the status invitee is changed into attendee. Therefore the user keeps a solid overview between invitees, canceled and attendees.

Decline invitation

If an invitee is not able to attend the event the invitation can be declined. A so-called decline item that should be added by the user is mentioned on the information page of the event. The invitee is able to inform the user what the reason is of absence. After declining the status invitee is changed into canceled. Therefore the user keeps a solid overview between invitees, canceled and attendees.