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Edison’s pricing is based on the usage on one side and the complexity of the event on the other. The price varies between 0 and 2 credits per registration. The first 50 per project are free, after these first 50 you will pay 1 or 2 credits per registration.

Edison and its credits

We have created a state of the art way to price our product. Let us introduce ‘the credit’. The credit is the currency for Edison. Once you have created an account you can buy credits in the Ed-store. The first 50 registrations per project are free, always. Credits are non-refundable, but will stay valid. You can use your credits for different events, provided that you set up those events within the same account. In case your credit supply runs out, you don’t have to panic. Your attendees can keep on register. Just go to the Ed-store and restock. All prices are excluding VAT (21%).

What does it really cost?

Edison is transparent when it comes to costs. Regardless of what you would like Edison to do, there is no price difference when it comes to functionalities. One (1) credit costs one (1) Euro. You pay (as of the 51st registration per project) either one (1) or two (2) credits per registration. One (1) credit when the standard layout of the registration site is good enough. Two (2) credits when you would like to customize the registration site. It’s as easy as that. One more thing. If you like to use your own branding for all your communications, you can remove the standard Edison branding and add your own.

Online payments

Besides the ordinary invoice, it is also possible to allow attendees to pay online for their participation. We are using a system serviced by DocData Payment Services. The fees are being collected on a third-party bank account managed by us (Parthen Meeting Services) This means that the collected fees are not officially owned by us and are not subject to the business risk of Parthen. For the service we deduct the credit card charges or bank costs (if applicable) plus 1,5% handling fee (with a minimum of 2 EUR and a maximum of 9 EUR). Our credit card commissions we negotiated for you are: Visa & MasterCard 2,5%, American Express 3,7%, SOFORT banking 2,25% and Mistercash/Bancontact 0,55 EUR per transaction. An example: you charge your attendees 100 Euro for an event and the attendee pays with MasterCard. What amount will be wired to you? 
Charge is 100 Euro, MasterCard credit card commission (2,5%) is 2,50 Euro and the handling fee (1,5%) will be 2,00 Euro (because that’s our minimum). So, 100 minus 2,50 minus 2,00 Euro makes 95,50 Euro.

How to buy credits

Credits can be purchased 24/7. The number of credits you buy can vary from 50, 100, 250, 500 to a 1000. Credits are non-refundable, but will stay valid. After payment you will receive an invoice. Additionally, Edison saves your past transactions which results in a clear overview of your credit transaction history.

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